Virtual Tallinn Old Town

Technical requirements for the PC: 2GHz processor, 2GB RAM, 5 Mb/s internet connection for smooth streaming.

OP-systems - Windows XP SP2 or later; Mac OS X or later
Software – Unity Player; Flash Player can be used with the following browsers:
Google Chrome: versioon 44 or older, since version 45 Google Chrome does not support plugins and therefore it is not possible to view 3D Tallinn application; .
Mozilla Firefox: version 41 or older, in newer Firefox versions it is necessary to enable Java plugin;
Internet Explorer: versions 9-11.

NB! Some computers may have problems with the Unity 3D plug-in installation and application does not work as expected. application can be use with the following browsers:
Google Chrome: version 44 or older;
Mozilla Firefox: version 41 or older;
Internet Explorer: versions 9-11.

NB! – The application can not be used in mobile devices, because Unity Player does not support this.

About the project

In front of you is a three-dimensional model of Tallinn Old Town. Creation of the Tallinn 3D-city was made possible by Tallinn City Planning Department in cooperation with other municipal departments and partners. The project is funded by European Union’s Structural Funds under the “Development of Information Society” measure.

Tallinn Old Town is one of the two sites in Estonia in the list of UNESCO world heritage. Our aim is to allow anyone interested in this mediaeval pearl to access the Old Town by using modern computing technology.

The 3D Old Town application covers a 121-hectare area of the city. The buildings you see in the application are depicted true to life. Besides being visually similar, the buildings are shown to scale and their location is accurate. The virtual eye even extends into courtyards, sculptures and observation platforms. There is a flight simulator for aerial views. The application comes with information on the buildings’ history, architecture and current use, presented while taking tours of the Old Town and through old photographs, videos and audio clips. An extensive information layer helps to find restaurants, cafes and hotels along with other recreational possibilities. An overview map and search functionality assist navigation. The 3D-world is complemented by a viewer of panoramic photos.

The topics of interest to visitors are found in four menus:
• virtual tours
• 3D-city features
• panoramic photographs
• the most popular sites

If you find yourself wishing to discover the wonderful Old Town of Tallinn for real, sit in its cosy cafes and walk on the mediaeval streets, we urge you to come here. Have an enjoyable virtual experience and we hope to see you in Tallinn!